Gigantomanie, Support-Listen die sich lesen wie das Who-Is-Who der Top-500-DJs … so beschreiben Plattenlabels üblicherweise neue Lieder. Das Label Disc Doctor macht Schluss damit und schreibt:

„Have you realized how stupid is to describe house music with text? We did, so we are not trying to do it anymore. In other words: Disc Doctor Records does not need to convince you that this track is good with stupid hyped text. You don’t need to read it either cause, thanks God, you have born with a pair of ears. So no hype, no bullshit, just listen and let the music talk.Does anybody read this shit anyway?“


Das Plattencover „Frogs in Socks“ hat übrigens nichts mit dieser Geschichte zu tun … das Bild gefällt mir einfach super gut. 

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